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10 Tips for Celebrating Valentine Without Girlfriend

10 Tips for Celebrating Valentine Without Girlfriend

ideally, Valentine’s Day is a day where one can share with loved ones, say the same boyfriend. But what if we’re not having a girlfriend alias singles? Do we we can not celebrate Valentine’s Day? Oops, of course not! Most importantly for those who do not have a partner is to remember the love that Valentine’s Day is not only for couples, but for all of us and anyone.

How To Spend Valentine Day Alone

How To Spend Valentine Day Alone

Here are tips that can do while celebrating valentine without a boyfriend / girlfriend:

1. Gather with family

No less fun while sitting enjoying a glass of sweet tea and snacks along with his father and mother, and he told me about his childhood, and expressed his affection and love on them. Valentine should be celebrated with loved ones is not it?

2. Do Something Exciting Yourself

For example, a candlelit bath, body treatment or shopping at the mall and have fun.

3. Go to Your Friends Party

Perhaps you have friends who have a party to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you can dateng friend to the party. Once wrote there you could meet someone who rada nodes and captivate you, quite right to celebrate Valentine’s Day, while acquaintances alike PDKT + new idol of the heart.

4. Hanging Out with Friends

Well, usually the least understood best friend and was always there for us, we might as well fit a boyfriend had a little forgotten friends. In this Valentines Day can be an opportunity for you to gather together friends, apologized, cried cry, gossip, stories or vent is not clear, the point can celebrate Valentine’s Day.

5. Wear clothes that evoke the spirit of

like red lights or your favorite pakaiaan that can make your mood brightened.

6. Avoid places Romance

If you will be traveling or out of the house, try to avoid romantic places, where at the venue you will meet couples valentine, which of course it will “generate a sense of loneliness’, for example: Cafe, Mall or cinema.

7. Making Chocolate

No need to spend money to buy expensive chocolates. Spend a bit of time when I go home to make a delicious and tasty chocolate. You can find the recipe by browsing on the internet. In addition to economical, it also can fill your time on Valentine’s Day.

8. Watching DVD

To pass the time on Valentine’s Day one that is by watching a DVD. In addition to more relaxed at home, you do not need to spend more money to pay the fare or gasoline and movie tickets.

9. Buy a gift for yourself.

Buy something you want to have (of course adapted to your pocket).

10. Live the Other People

Do something to brighten the day of others who may also being felt lonely: Send flowers to a local nursing home, or a package of food to an orphanage.

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