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4 Chic Style With Headband

Headband middle again become a popular hair accessories this year. It may be mounted directly on the hair, as we quoted from Vemale. There are chic style with headband that you should try.  Accessories this one adds chic style appearance. And if you want to look more fashionable, you should try this four different headband styles.

Tied Headband

tie headband – vemale

Well, tied headband is one of the headband is happening and is generally combined with the hijab(Moslem), lately. There are various kinds of materials tied headband, which distinguishes it from other headband, how to use them is to associate or bind to form a knot.

Banded Headband

Banded Headband – Vemale

Usually made of fabric width. Almost similar to the bandana, but its use in a way tied. There are also banded headband similar to the way that wearing a bandana wearing, at the bottom there is generally a rubber headband.

The width of the material to determine your style headband. The wider the more it will leave a dramatic impression. Headband type is the most casual headband that can be combined well with jeans.

Ribbon Headband

Ribbon Headband – Vemale

Headband is made of materials ribbon and lace are pretty packed. Generally worn to parties or for official events. Slim size, and tend to be wide ribbon. With a variety of additional decorations were adorable, this headband will make you more chic.

Crown Headband

Crown headband – Vemale

If the headband is its use as a crown, attached only at the top of the head. That are not easily separated, it will usually be added hairpins.

Some people wear a crown headband is not right in the middle of the head, they put it up near the forehead with a little fringe. This suggests a dramatic accent like a princess.

Well, which accents your favorite headband?

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