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7 Most Weird Bra in the World

7 Most Weird Bra in the World

Women are good friends with bras. One type of underwear is very identical with femininity. The function of the bras is so comfortable and support the breasts are not exposed to the effects of gravity. Comfortable Bra is a choice we are all, but what weird bras in this article?

Just imagine, there is a bra that can be scales, be the mask, be plastic bags and so on. So Unique !

Countdown Married Bra

Konkatsu Countdown Marriage Bra

Konkatsu Countdown Marriage Bra – (c)aibob.blogspot

This bra is suitable for women who are being pursued deadline for married. Name this bra is Konkatsu or Marriage Hunting. This bra has a clock that can count down to the date on which you are targeting should be married. There is one particular sphere, when you put an engagement ring there, bras will automatically play the wedding music.

Grow Your Own Rice Bra

Grow Your Own Rice Unique Bra

Grow Your Own Rice Unique Bra – (c)aibob.blogspot

Unique Plant Rice Bra

Unique Plant Rice Bra – (c)aibob.blogspot

Land is getting narrower, more fields for houses. Therefore, the bras is suitable for use as a commercial planting .. rice. The name of this bra is Grow Your Own Rice Bra. Half pot-shaped bra cups are made of materials similar to sand. You can plant rice seedlings in there and it will grow if properly nursed.

Shopping Bag Bra

The No More Plastic Bags Bra

The No More Plastic Bags Bra – (c)aibob.blogspot

The issue of environmental pollution caused by plastic waste being inspired creation of this bras. His name is The No More Plastic Bags Bra, or no longer plastic shopping. A fold of cloth will be included in each bra cup. If the cloth folds open and integrated, so the shopping bag. Practical carry anywhere and not have to use plastic bags. Available in various colors, are interested in using it?

Justice Bra

Jury System Bra

Jury System Bra – (c)aibob.blogspot

Jury System Bra is the name of this bras. Appropriate names and forms, Jury System Bra is a bras that is designed based on the legal issues that increasingly unfair and could be traded. Bra reminds us that the law should be fair and not biased. This bra can be used as a bras or maybe .. balance.

Emergency Bras

Emergency Bra

Emergency Bra – (c)telegraph.co.uk

Vehicle fumes and dust often makes breathing hard. In such conditions, it is necessary in order to the mask the respiratory system stay healthy. But it’s hard to find a the mask in an emergency. Calm down, just use Emergency Bras! Bra cups can be removed and a the mask covering your nose and mouth. One cup for you, one cup longer for others. This is not a joke you know, because Emergency Bras awarded the Nobel Public Health Prize in 2009, told the Telegraph.


Chopsticks Bra

Chopsticks Bra

Chopsticks Bra – (c) aibob.blogspot

Once again the issue of environmental pollution be brilliant idea to create a unique bras. Disposable chopsticks made of bamboo will accumulate in vain in the trash. Bamboo trees will decrease only by used chopsticks. Therefore, creating a My Chopsticks Bra. This bra shaped bowl of rice and soup with chopsticks keep a special place. You can repeatedly use chopsticks when eating it and no more waste of disposable chopsticks.

The Super Cool Bra

The Super Cool Bra

The Super Cool Bra – (c)aibob.blogspot

Earth is getting hotter, especially when the summer comes. Eager to continue to be in an airconditioned, but perhaps also because of our activities not only in the room. Maybe you should try The Super Cool Bra. This bra contains a gel that can absorb body heat, so the temperature stays cool and fresh. This bra is designed with a model of the fish in the aquarium so that more fresh.

Which bras you want to try?



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