9 Oscar Lawalata Fashion Collection

Oscar Lawalata Fashion Designer

9 Oscar Lawalata Fashion Collection

Oscar Lawalata, is a fashion designer from Indonesia. Oscar had studied fashion at fashion schools in Jakarta, Esmod. The program should be three years, only half lived. Oscar quit school during the 1998 financial crisis. The money had been due to school, used to open a business. And finally, Oscar is now one fashion designer that can compete with the world and show off his collection at Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 event.

Oscar Lawalata Fashion Designer
Oscar Lawalata Fashion Designer – (c)wolipop.detik

Oscar Lawalata was awarded as the International Young Creative Entrepreneur organized by the British Council in 2009. She is also believed to design batik for badminton athletes at a dinner Djarum Indonesia Open Super Series 2011.

Oscar Lawalata has showcased his collection in the event of Jakarta Fashion Week 2013. In a series of ready-made clothing, titled Mongoloid, Oscar-inspired decorative art deco style. Like what collection?

1. Art Deco

Art Deco Oscar Lawalata Collection
Art Deco Oscar Lawalata Collection – (c)jakartafashionweek

She takes inspiration from the ornamental art deco style that became the trend in 1920 to 1939. “Geometry, architecture and art deco inspiration for my collection. Besides that, I also incorporate elements of the color game,” said Oscar fashion show in the opening video.

2. Without overalls curves

No Overall Curves Dress by Oscar Lawalata
No Overall Curves Dress by Oscar Lawalata – (c)jakartafashionweek

Art deco style is usually synonymous with a piece overalls with no curves, such as flapper dresses. It is also used by a lot of presents Oscar dress loose and straight and the dress volume.

3. Geometrics motif

Geometrics Dress Design by Oscar Lawalata
Geometrics Dress Design by Oscar Lawalata – (c)jakartafashionweek

Oscar many developing print and geometric patterns created from solid match various cloth materials. The technique was also one of the characteristic style of design Oscar.

4. Modern & Traditional

Mix Modern and Traditional Dress Oscar Lawalata
Mix Modern and Traditional Dress Oscar Lawalata – (c)jakartafashionweek

While applying modern design style, the 35-year-old designer faithful use of traditional materials such as batik. Oscar translated use of batik as the main material and also as an accent.

5. Color Domination

Color Domination Dress by Oscar Lawalata
Color Domination Dress by Oscar Lawalata – (c)jakartafashionweek

In his latest collection, Oscar played more like a dark palette of black, olive green and navy blue. But he still displays them with contrasting colors like white to not look so boring.

6. Exciting details

Exciting Details Dress by Oscar Lawalata
Exciting Details Dress by Oscar Lawalata – (c)jakartafashionweek

For application details, Oscar lot to explore with draping, wrinkle, layering and paste accents. Not to mention with the silhouette volume from the canal to the mini skirt.

7. The series of Shirts

The Series Dress by Oscar Lawalata
The Series Dress by Oscar Lawalata – (c)jakartafashionweek

Almost all Oscar collection comes in the form of dress, either mini, midi or maxi. Starting from puffy silhouette mini canal, the canal that intersected one shoulder to the knee, and the maxi canal using transparent materials.

8. Simple

Simple Fashion Oscar Lawalata
Simple Fashion Oscar Lawalata – (c)jakartafashionweek

Simple design style has become the identity of Oscar Lawalata. Designers who is the son of the artist’s Reggy Lawalata just use solid match colors, fabrics and boxy pieces to make the collection look luxurious.

9. Lightweight materials

Lightweight Materials dress Oscar Lawalata
Lightweight Materials dress Oscar Lawalata – (c)jakartafashionweek

Some Oscar dress comes in lightweight materials. It is utilized to the maximum by the Oscar to make the channel look more dramatic.


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  159. whirlwinder: I knew that when our Muslim-in-Chief was elected that something was not right about him. I knew that he was socialist/marxist and that he had muslim friends but I never dreamed that he would go to bat for Islam. He is in for 100% even appointing muslims in high government places while dropping terrorism from our lexicon. So we have buffoons in Homeland Security, the Justice Department and the Intelligence community that cannot put Islam and terrorism together in a sentence. God help us if we do not get rid of this pretender soon.

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