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Change Your Nerdy Fashion

Change Your Nerdy Fashion

Feeling fed up with the title nerd which inherent in yours all this time? The new year coming up, create a new look with a new image that is more fresh and stylish. People will not think you have a smart brain, but also complete with an attractive style. So, let’s de-NERD-ify yourself!

Nerdy Fashion Glasess Girl

Nerdy Fashion Glasess Girl

Bye-bye glasses!

Nerdy Glasess for Women Fashion

Nerdy Glasess for Women Fashion

Try leave glasses you wear. Although nerd glasses became a trend, but if you want to remove the impression nerd, of course, you have to eliminate this important point. Change the appearance of your face to use your contact lenses.

Dress up

Nerdy Fashion Dress up Without Glasess

Nerdy Fashion Dress up Without Glasess

See the appearance of those around you and also the appearance of celebrities or models on television or fashion magazines. Customize the style that you like until you will feel comfortable with what you wear. You can also ask for the opinion of the closest friends you trust.

Make up

Try to learn to use simple makeup on the face, especially to the eyes and skin of your face. Eyeliner and foundation or powder is enough for you to apply makeup everyday appearance. Discover a variety of tutorials basic and simple makeup for everyday looks natural and beautiful.

your teeth

Nerdy Girl with Glasess and Big Teeth

Nerdy Girl with Glasess and Big Teeth – (c)shutterstock

Fix and do good quality dental care. Appearance greatly affect the appearance of your teeth you know. So do not be afraid or hesitate to go to the dentist and consulted for a more beautiful appearance. You will be more confident with a more attractive smile.

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