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Coffee Scrub, Even Black But Powerful for Skin Lightening

Coffee Scrub, Even Black But Powerful for Skin Lightening

Natural Body Scrub with Coffe Granules

Natural Body Scrub with Coffe Granules – (c) shutterstock

Are you like coffee or the smell of coffee? Beside nice coffee aroma and soothing, it turns out the coffee granules are also able to make you beautiful from the outside. With Coffe Scrub your skin will be brighter as smooth as silk.  Coffee granules scrub can be used as natural body scrub and durable as well as scrubs are sold in stores, different with salt or sugar which dissolve faster in water.

Coffee Scrub is applied and massaged play, will help blood circulation, make the skin brighter and more relaxed. Rough granules capable of removing dead skin cells, otherwise your skin will be smoother and dramatic when touched. How can that be? It’s the way of natural body scrub with coffe granule, prepare and applicate it.



1 tablespoon coffee

1 tablespoon olive oil

4 tablespoons milk cleanser or milk cleanser

How to Use

1. Combine all ingredients, stirring until evenly distributed.

2. Take a taste and apply evenly on the body that you want, such as the hands, back, or legs. Let stand about 5 minutes. Your skin will be lightly browned. It’s okay, Ladies. Only the effects of coffee beans.

3. Rub gently like you’re washing the body. If you have sensitive skin, it’s good to try a little first on the back of the hand, because the coffee scrub grains have a rough texture.

4. When the scrub feels dry, wet your hands with water, it will help provide lubrication while rubbing and massaging the skin with coffee scrub. Massage and rub a little strong for 3 minutes.

5. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and a shower with your favorite soap.

6. Dry skin and feel the difference after using the coffee scrub with before. You will get a skin that feels soft to the touch and brighter. Perform routine for maximum results.

Well, Ladies, that’s the beauty tips from Trendvogue.net which quoted from Vemale. So, Share your crave for skin bright and smooth like silk. Good luck.


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