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DIY: Love Braids Hairstyle Tutorial

DIY: Love Braids Hairstyle Tutorial

Love Braids Hairstyle Trends

Love Braids Hairstyle Trends – (c)flickr

As a woman who was awarded a beautiful crown adorning his head, making most women love to play and her hair with a variety of interesting creations.

Would you also like love or heart shapes that look sweet and romantic? Just look at the settings of this heart-shaped hair braids.

How to Love Braids Angel Hairstyle

How to Love Braids Angel Hairstyle

Settings gorgeous hair is suitable for you to use anytime and anywhere. Fun anymore, you can make it yourself at home quickly and easily you know.

Just look at this tutorial below.

Step Step Love Braids Hairstyle Tutorial

Step Step Love Braids Hairstyle Tutorial

Follow these steps to ease you in to make it:

Step one:
Comb your hair and the hair into two equal sections.

Step two:
For longer hair into two sections, the upper portion to the head and the back.

Step three:
Begin to braid the hair on the head.

Step four:
As in the picture, begin to determine the direction to the inside back of the head after the braid reaches the ear.

Step five:
Braids … braids .. and continue braiding down to the nape of the neck behind the head. Use an elastic hair tie to keep it off.

Step six:
Do the same thing on the other side of the hair.

Step seven:
Once both braids meet at the back of the neck of the head, unite together and braid down to the ends of your hair.

or see the video below !
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9p5Ud2feLgU]

beautiful right? good luck!

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