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Fall 2012 Hairstyle Trend

Autumn has come, now is the time to you to still look fashionable this season. Have you had a hair style that fits? TrendVogue.net quote for you, the best hairstyle trends for fall 2012. That season always gives its own color to hair styles, ranging from colors, moody, which decomposes to fall as the leaves are falling. As we reported from Elle.com we took some conclusions which we think is appropriate used as reference your hairstyle at this fall.

1. Perfect Ponytails

Perfect Ponytail

Perfect Ponytail – Photo: ImaxTree

Ponytails this fall, no matter if they’re long or short, are perfectly precise and chic. Put some effort and styling into the look. It will only take two minutes and you’ll look like you just stepped off the runway and you’ve been trying to pass off as fashionable.

First, prep your hair with a light serum to add shine. Pull hair back using a flat brush to get hair smooth. Secure with a band. Next, take a lightweight hairspray and spray lightly, To smooth down the surface and prevent those pesky bumps, spray hairspray onto a clean toothbrush (or a small hard bristle brush) and run it over the surface of your pony tail. Yes, you just kicked those annoying little flyaways to the curb.


2. Bangs


Bangs – Photo: ImaxTree

Bangs are the ultimate hair accessory this season, so If you’ve got them, flaunt them !. Whether they’re full and square, short and rounded or just swept to the side, bangs frame the face and accentuate the eyes.

When you are styling, start drying the bangs first and remember to use the nozzle attachment on your blow-dryer. The key to getting the perfect style is by directing the airflow straight down from the root . Using a vent or denman brush and brushing side to side will keep them sleek and prevent you from looking like you’re seven-years-old again and your mother just cut your fringe with some kitchen shears because you look like a kid.

3. Blondes


Blondes – Photo: ImaxTree

It’s time to say good-bye to flaxen and golden hues and prepare to say hello to cooler, icy blondes and creamy white highlights. Now that the seasons are changing and your summer bronze-y glow is slowly fading, it’s important for all you blondes to adjust your hair color to complement your skin color. If icy and white is too extreme for your eye color and skin tone, then go more beige-y or even a little ash-y. Trust your colorist and let them determine what’s best for you.

And don’t forget to maintain the look. Make sure you’re seeing your colorist on a regular basis, even if it is for a slight touch-up. Remember, when you stretch out your appointments the process if more intense and time consuming which results in a higher ticket price. Also look into shampoos that help neutralize the brass and keep you always looking cool.


4. Hair Ornaments

Hair Ornaments

Hair Ornaments – Photo: ImaxTree

The fall hair trends is the increase in hair accessories, Beachy-waves go to the wayside and hair lovers get creative. From cosmic hairpins to ceremonial floral headpieces, adding a little embellishment is a very good thing this fall. They often share (and steal) the spotlight from their accompanying updos and styles.

5. Buns, Braids and Twists

Buns, Braids and Twists

Buns, Braids and Twists – Photo: ImaxTree

Whether braided around the crown, coiled half-back or knotted into an updo, hair is getting manipulated into a fresh, new direction this season. While some looks require an extra set of hands, others put a simple and attainable twist on the classics.

6. Perfectly Imperfect Texture

Perfectly Imperfect Texture

Perfectly Imperfect Texture – Photos: ImaxTree

Your friend calls it bedhead, you call it beach hair, I call it fabulous and effortless. Imperfect texture catches the eye and leaves a statement. But you can’t get that seductively captivating coif without using great product. Word to the wise, invest in some dry shampoo or a sprayable root powder and some pomade. Dry shampoo or sprayable powder “dirties” up the hair and gives you instant playful texture. For the ends, rub a little pomade on your thumb and pointer finger and gently twist the ends of hair to keep texture waves in place.

7. Rich Chocolates, Cool Reds

Rich Chocolates, Cool Reds

Rich Chocolates, Cool Reds – Photo: ImaxTree

You’re going to see a shift in color this season, especially in brunettes and reds. Color will go from less caramel to deep chocolate, less coppery to cool and slightly spicy crimson. The colors that will give employees a sensation when you apply to your hair style.

8. Bobs


Bobs – Photo: ImaxTree

Bobs come in all forms; angled, modern, lobs, etc. The cut and styling options are endless. They key to pulling of the perfect bob is finding a look that complements your bone structure. If you have a more round face, then opt for a lob with side-swept bangs. If you have a longer neck and pronounced chin, then a modern bob with a blunt fringe will make your eyes pop!

Thats all, So what hairstyle is best suited for your fall? just still look fashionable with trend vogue.

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