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Fashion Tips for Fat Men or Women


Fashion Tips for Fat Men or Women

A Columbia University economist tamper data and finally found the formula to be male or female fat look attractive without having to practice in the gym.  How can you look fashionable with body fat?

Women or Men Fat Body Fashion Ideas

Women or Men Fat Body Fashion Ideas - (c) plussizeshopguide


According to research by Pierre-Andre Chiappori, that men remain attractive then every 10 percent increase in the Body Mass Index (BMI) must be offset by revenue increases of at least 3 percent.

Chiappori argued that in a paper titled “Fatter Attraction”: Anthropometric and Socioeconomic Matching the marriage market, ”

Plus Size Men Fashion Tips

Plus Size Men Fashion Tips(c)manolomen

People who have a BMI greater must have a larger income,” said Chiappori told the New York Post.

The data is significant,” he continued. Perhaps there is a point. Come to think of it, what is the interesting part of the millionaires that managed to get a beautiful wife?

For women, body fat look good with business needs “more complicated”. They should have one additional year of education every 3 percent increase in BMI.

Why to women who needed additional education is, instead of additional income? Chiappori not explain it, but the more educated women may be more likely to get a high-paying job.

How to look beautiful for fat women

How to look beautiful for fat women – (c)flickr

Currently in the United States the number of undergraduate women more than men, and according to the Huffington Post, is now synonymous with the more highly educated women.

Both men and women will always be more interested in getting a pair of slim-rich in the fat-poor.

Chiappori find this conclusion after studying data gathered by a study of 667 white couple.

Fat Women Updo Hairstyle Idea

Fat Women Updo Hairstyle Idea – (c)thehairstyler

Appearance is not everything but be good or smart brains are not the only ones that can make a person attractive figure.

Our findings conclude that physical appearance is not the main one and it’s very easy to be compensated,” said Chiappori.

The simplest way apparently reproduce exercise. “It is easier to change our BMI than raise salaries or augment education,” he said.

Celebrity Fat Women on Red Carpet

Celebrity Fat Women on Red Carpet

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