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Fashion Tips: Stay Stylish in the Winter

Fashion Tips: Stay Stylish in the Winter

The air is getting cooler affect a person’s style of dress. Perhaps you are always concerned about appearances. Here are fashion tips to still look stylish in the winter, without the need to remove the ‘effort’ is more or excessive accessories.

Trench Coat

Women Trench Coat for Winter

Women Trench Coat for Winter – (c)aliexpress

If in the previous season were pretty hot from the sun or outer jacket thickness is considered one of the costumes, the courage to wear your trench coat this season. A kind of long coat, buttoned, with belt detail at the waist, is the right choice to enter the tube cold now. Besides being able to keep warm, the model outputs a la Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O looks stylish and suitable for all body shapes. No need to think about underwear, just by wearing trench coat, your look will instantly look stylish.

Hoodie Jacket

Women Hoodie Jacket Style for Winter

Women Hoodie Jacket Style for Winter

In addition to coats, jackets air-capuchon also a favorite outfit that can be worn by both men and women. Choose a neutral color so you can easily mix and match with clothes in it. Hoodie or head coverings are very useful especially if it suddenly rains.


Shawl Winter Fashion Style

Shawl Winter Fashion Style

Always wear a shawl (scarf) or a scarf while on the go. Besides being able to warm the neck because of the cold, the accessories will also instantly add style to your appearance. Customize the color of your outfit that day or choose a fairly neutral color, such as brown, beige, black.


Tight Leggings for Winter Fashion

Tight Leggings for Winter Fashion – (c)theiconic

Differentiate between stocking with tights. Stocking is a kind of thin material that covered the entire foot, while the thicker tights when compared to stocking. Wear tights in this season, in addition to the foot warmer, the view was immediately turned into a more stylish.


Winter Boots Fashion Trends

Winter Boots Fashion Trends

Fine if you are wearing this season favorite boots to look pretty to work, lecture, or just hangout with friends. Still, note the model and the choice of materials. If you have big calves, boots boots the model is not recommended because it will make your legs look big plus. So even with the materials, suede and canvas boots is not appropriate in the winter. Choose boots with rubber soles (rubbersole) and easy to clean materials such as leather.

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