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Fishtail Braid Hairstyles Tutorial


Fishtail Braid Hairstyles Tutorial

Braids are so pretty and much preferred by fashionistas, but no dryer settings are favored by fashionistas today, namely setting called fishtail hair. Starting from the red carpet to street style, everyone looks using hair setting a trend of this magnitude.

Same with hair braids, you can use these settings in different hair style and your appearance, start to the fairy to the office to show a relaxing holiday with friends. Want to try to make it?

Beautiful Fishtail Hairstyle Tutorial

Beautiful Fishtail Hairstyle Tutorial

It’s easy, here are the steps to create a setting that can fishtail hair from

Steps Tutorial Fishtail Hairstyles

Steps Tutorial Fishtail Hairstyles

1. For the hair into two equal sections. You can use a comb to divide the hair more evenly.

2. Save some thin strands of hair from the outside of the left. Pull the left side of hair, place it on the bottom right of hair. Make sure the hair strands are always placed after the left over is placed in the bottom right.

3. Repeat step two on the other. Save some strands of hair from the outside of the right, pull to the right, and start weaving hair under the left side of hair.

4. Keep on alternating sides of your hair, from top to bottom.

5. Use an elastic hair tie or hairpins at the end u = hair ties that bound setting your hair and tight.

Try to use the same thickness for each thread that setting hair looks uneven.

If you feel that you make fish tail too tight, use your fingers into the hair gently to loosen slightly.

If your hair is very long, you can roll up setting your hair tail fish into sanggulan pretty unique.

You can make your hair look more varied fishtail, you can freely make a fishtail braid hair as much as you want in one view.

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