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Furla, Beautiful Handbag Trends

Furla, Beautiful Handbag Trends 2012


Furla Candy Bag that was booming in the summer, making some people wonder what’s wrong with these bags. Furla is actually not an unfamiliar term in the fashion world. Furla is a brand that comes from Bologna, Italy and has been there since 1927. Furla handbags selling fairly among women and become one of the must have item among fashionistas.

Furla fairly highly in demand in the market. Although the price is not as expensive as Hermes, but the collection is much coveted and quickly sold out. If you shop online, you can see that the collection could Furl sold out in a matter of days. The model is still wearable and reasonable price make this bag a target of many fans.

However, Furla handbags are not only present the Furla Candy Bag in product variation. Still there are many diverse designs from Furla Collection throughout recent years. Typical of Furla bag is snake skin shades across multiple collections. Let’s find some Furla collections that steal the attention of many women.

Furla Wallets

Furla Wallet Collection

Furla Wallet Collection – (c) bluefly.com

Furla has some gorgeous wallet collection. Right is Taupe Leather ‘Chantily’ Bow Details Continental Wallet is a classic wallet style with soft colors. While the left side with a bright red color is Furla Cherry Red Croc Embossed Greta Convertible.¬†Beautiful wallet with chain and leather crocodile.


Furla Wallet Classic Collection

Furla Wallet Classic Collection – (c)bluefly.com

For those of you who like retro or antique style, Furla also has a collection of brown color as you can see in the above. Very fashionable and will make you look stylish. The left is the “Coffee Furla Ostrich Embossed Leather ‘Classic’ French Wallet” with leopard motif organized and on the right is the “Chestnut Furla Ruched Leather ‘Pack XL’ Flap Continental Wallet” that looks elegant and antique.

Furla Bags

Furla Bags Collection

Furla Bags Collection – (c)bagbliss.com

Furla has released two collections of beautiful handbag with white and soft pink in May and September. On the left is “Blush Croc Embossed Leather Furla Greta Tote bag“, a shoulder bag a feminine and beautiful was launched September 2012. As well as the right is “Brooklyn Furla Perforated Shoulder Bag“, the color white will be perfect paired with any style.

Furla Best Bags Collection

Furla Best Bags Collection – (c)bagbliss.com

Furla Nin Fea Chain Bag (left), a bag that has an elegant design and chic bag is suitable for use on ocassion where you want to appear attractive. While on the right is “Rocks Amazonne Furla Bag“, a satchel bag, suitable for those who have a soft but firm personality other than that it was also stunning and stylish model. Both are nominate in 10 best bags by StefaniBags.

Furla Bags Collection Raspberry Pink and Cream Leather

Furla Bags Collection Raspberry Pink and Cream Leather – (c) bluefly.com

If you’re looking at “Raspberry Croc Embossed Leather ‘practica’ Bag ‘. Bag with a tempting raspberry pink color will certainly make you look more sweet. Meanwhile, beside it is a new product from Furla, Furla namely “Cream Leather ‘Elisabeth’ crossbody tote” is a gorgeous cream and beige bag that will make you look more trendy and stylish.

Furla Bags Collection Laila and Elisabeth

Furla Bags Collection Laila and Elisabeth – (c)bluefly.com

The next one is a collection of bold colors Furla. If you like the assertive colors and bold, maybe both bags is for you. “Pink Saffiano Leather Furla ‘Laila’ Bauletto Bag” is a bags pink red tends to make you look elegant and beautiful. Meanwhile, “Acai Furla Ostrich Embossed ‘ Elisabeth M‘ crossbody tote” with its dark purple color suitable for your quiet and mysterious personality.

Hmm .. to see some of this collection, it seems we did not wonder why ‘ Furla Collections‘ so popular. In addition to the model is very lady, variations of the model and the color is not tacky. Is one of them your favorite?


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