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Gangnam Style Fashion Trend

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Who does not know Gangnam style? yes, korean dance origin was successfully shock the world with a record made on youtube. Gangnam Style is a single by South Korean rapper Psy. Not just in the countries affected by K-Pop fever, Gangnam Style arguably horrendous worldwide. Well, this is the opportunity you come to exist with Gangnam Style! Some ideas may be a mainstay of fashion styles for party or just hang out fun-appeal, this is Gangnam Style Fashion Trend fever.
what is the center of attention in Gangnam style?

1. Thick frame sunglasses slightly rounded

Frame glasses would immediately remind people or PSY Park Jae Sung, a South Korean rapper performed the song ‘Gangnam Style’.

2. Tuxedo blazer pastel colors

Gangnam Style flicked the boyband fashion style fashionable while trying to remain masculine. Here the masculine side is represented by a white shirt and black bow tie (it could be otherwise), used in conjunction with a suit pastel colors such as pink or light blue flavor that makes it feminine and colorful.

3. Minidress and shimmery hot pants

Just like a video clip or girl bands Korean boy band in general, minidress that showed off legs became the mainstay of the dancer and Singer. Thus showing your amazing body shape. Yet another Gangnam Style accent, with hot pants bling-bling which is one hallmark of the elite glamor flicked Gangnam. So to follow their style, select minidress along hot pants, with a float chiffon increasingly supports hot glamor pantsmu.

4. Oxford and flat shoes

Horse dance Gangnam Style is not done with high heels, herein lies the punchline. High heels make you look elegant, not spontaneous and hilarious as shown PSY. High heels will also limit your space, especially for energetic dances such as Gangnam Style. So, combine your minidress-hot pants with gladiator shoes, or pastel tuxedo blazer with Oxford shoes striking colors, namely black and white.

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