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Hair Care – Tips Free from Hair Lice

Hair Care – Tips Free from Hair Lice

Do you know? If hair can be lousy and cause itching, especially around the neck or behind the ears. Especially if lice is already in action with the white dots are a bit sticky and hard drawn or lice eggs lice that can make more and more. Oh no!

How to clear hair fleas fast

How to clear hair fleas fast

What’s the cause?

According to reports circulating in the community, lice arise because we pay less attention to the cleanliness of hair. Even if we did have to pay attention to cleanliness of hair, but everyone can be exposed to head lice, even if you take care of your hair hygiene. Head lice are usually contracted from another person, could be due to close, use a comb with, or even use hair tools together.

How do I cope with head lice?
If you are infected with head lice, you can handle it with some of the following ways:

1. Haircut

If head lice are getting worse, would have been more difficult to overcome, especially if you have long hair. We recommend that you cut your hair short to facilitate treatment while inhibiting the growth of the hair lice.

2. Find lice

How To Remove Lice Safely and Effectively

How To Remove Lice Safely and Effectively

The most frequent way people do is to ask others to take a look for lice and head lice nits are also available on our heads. Lice usually is around the neck or behind the ears.

3. Use toothed brush meeting

You can also use a special comb to remove lice made of hair. This comb has teeth that are very tight. Usually serit or toothed comb this meeting can be found in traditional markets or hair supply store. Its use alone is almost the same as using the comb hair in general. Comb hair from the hair root without interruption up to the ends of the hair. Lice combed hair will fall. Do it over and over again. However, this is not a powerful comb to remove lice eggs.

4. The natural way

You can also use a natural way to get rid of head lice in the following way:

Method 1: Mix eucalyptus oil with the lemon juice with equal measure. Rub the mixture until the hair gets wet. Like a head massage when shampooing and let some time. Cover hair and scalp and leave for one hour. Then rinse and shampoo as usual. Do this several times until the hair is free from lice.

Method 2: Wet your head and hair with vinegar to remove lice and nits. Leave for 30 minutes and comb hair using serit. Rinse and shampoo hair. Do this several times higga lost lice from the hair.

5. Use special products

Use shampoo to reduce hair leas

Use shampoo to reduce hair leas

Use hair products specifically to eradicate human hair lice, head lice ranging from medicine to special shampoo products that deal with head lice. You can buy from the drug store or pharmacy. Do repetitions until the problem is resolved.

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