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Hair Style Tips For The Bride

Hair Style Tips For The Bride

As a bride, there are many things that you should think. One is determining the hairstyle for the wedding day.

If you intend to hold a western-style party that does not have to wear a traditional bun, tips from hairdresser GUILD, based in Paris is worth your look.

Wedding Hair Style Guide for Bride

Wedding Hair Style Guide for Bride

1 Cut your hair a month before the wedding day, so when the big day has come closer, you can cut the ends a few inches so it looks fresh haircut.

2 Use moisturizing hair mask for damaged hair or to add volume if you have thin hair.

3 Make sure the style of wedding dress you’ll be able to complement the hairstyle you choose. If your dress covered huingga around the neck, for example, romantic up-do style will be better suited than loose hairstyle.

4 If later you want to use a hair straightener, make sure you use a heat protectant product to keep hair protected.
Decorate hairdo with flowers that look beautiful and fresh (photo: fashiondiva)
5. To hairdo elegant up-do, hair combs first and spray with hairspray, then comb the hair to remove the child.

Enter your hair on one side of the transparent ear with a rubber band and set with a pin that has the same color as your hair.

Stunning Bridal Hairstyle for Blonde

Stunning Bridal Hairstyle for Blonde

Pull the ponytail and trim them up, either in the form of shape with a knot and flip with tongs. Finish by spraying spray and decorate with flowers, pearls, or whatever you like.

6 If you want to curl your hair, start from the neck towards the top, in the direction of the ear, and finally to the crown.

Spray your hair with hairspray durable and form large rounded out with a comb. Complete with shimmering mist to make it shine and has a smooth impression.

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