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Horror Food for Halloween Dinner

Horror Food for Halloween Dinner

Despite the horror, but you’ll be amazed to see the uniqueness of these dishes. Yes, entering this month some people are preparing to celebrate the spooky themed event, Halloween. Unique ornaments like the typical Halloween pumpkin, skull horror figures to costumes like Dracula, Vampires, Zombies and so will scatter.

Did you know that Halloween is not only applied in costumes and decorations? There are also creative with Halloween theme through food.

1. Halloween’s Fingger Food

Halloween's Fingger Food

Halloween’s Fingger Food – (c) cutefoodforkids.com

When served, they may look horrified and disgusting. Yes, who would have the heart to try to eat a human hand. Do not worry. The human hand is made of cake like pizza, biscuits and even cucumbers. You can make it from the pizza cheese cut into strips for finger joints, then decorated with bell peppers cut like pointy nails. Although it looks scary, but it was still delicious.

2. Fruit Brain Halloween

Watermelon Brain Halloween

Watermelon Brain Halloween – (c)instructables.com

What nonsense idea man for his artistic talents. One way to carve a watermelon to resemble a human brain. The exterior of the green skinned up to the green light, then sculpted to look wavy. Then sliced to create a distinctive gap as the human brain. By making these cuts, you will see a red piece that looks like a nerve. Unique is not it?

3. Shrunken Heads in Cider

Shrunken Heads in Cider

Shrunken Heads in Cider – (c) marthastewart.com

These foods like fruit ice with a head shrink in it. Actually, the head is made from apples shaped like the head of a terrible shrinking. Air sauce made from apples with a mixture of lemon and clove. It could be an alternative for your Halloween menu later.

4. Mummy HotDogs

Mummy HotDogs

Mummy HotDogs – (c) jannoris.com

Who does not know Hot Dog? Food from pastry oval or round bread with sausage stuffing in it. If you usually enjoy Hot Dogs are neat, another case with the bandages Mummy Dogs are multiple cavity with sausage peering in like a mummy wrapping.

5. Eyeball Pasta

Eyeball Pasta

Eyeball Pasta – (c) mapplespice.com

for you who like the pasta, you should try the following. This food is like looking in your direction, make a little ‘uncomfortable’ when dealing with it. It’s okay, eat it. Eyeball was made of tofu were destroyed and printed in a round scoop spoon. part of pupils is made from olives and black peppercorns. Pretty safe to eat.

So, are you want to serve these foods during Halloween night? especially for your special guests, and make them fascinated with your food!

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