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How to Look Stylish


How to Look Stylish in 2013

Good bye 2012 .. and welcome 2013. Have you prepare to start the new year will be filled with new things fun and fabulous? In the year 2013 or later, of course, you want to still look stylish, right? Well, of course you will need a supplement that supports and creates a “sense” in style. Well, what fashion items you need to complete your look in 2013?


According to fashion designer from New York, Paris, Milan, and Berlin, glamorous accessories would be a trend starting from the beginning of next year. Rows of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, to the glittering brooch would be a statement in the appearance and attractiveness of the fashionista. These accessories you can easily mix and match with any fashion items, ranging from lace, blouse, to ordinary blazer will look stunning.


2013 Fashion Shoes Trends

2013 Fashion Shoes Trends

To move, the model shoe boots will likely again be a popular trend this year. Various models of boots ranging from ankle boots to knee-high boots complete the look will present stylish fashionista. Likewise with shoes that have platform heels will be the target of many fashionistas. Shoes will also be present in a variety of colors, even with decorations like gliter glamorous or beautiful rocks.


2013 Fashion Bags Trends

2013 Fashion Bags Trends

In complement your style, while meeting your need to carry the equipment you might need, it was the appearance of a fashionista still feels lacking without features a beautiful bag. Handbags or bags still so popular in 2013. Color handbag most neutral and “safe” to use is brown or black bag. Meanwhile, if you like the motifs, floral motifs choices always bring sweet impression and sweet until whenever.

How to Look Chic and Fashionable in 2013

How to Look Chic and Fashionable in 2013

To display the glamorous, choose a handbag with an elegant golden handle. As for hanging out, just choose a handbag that has an adjustable strap, so it can be a side bag a sweet and simple.

You’ll look chic in the year 2013.

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