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How to Make Up – Bella Swan Breaking Dawn Part 2

How to Make Up – Bella Swan Breaking Dawn Part 2

Have you watched Twilight Saga Braking Dawn 2? You must agree that the current makeup of Bella Cullen had turned into a vampire so captivating. Makeup that is focused on the eye you can inspired. Makeup is featuring the sensual but also hot, so it is not excessive.

Tutorial Make Up Bella Swan Breaking Dawn

Tutorial Make Up Bella Swan Breaking Dawn

Not hard and give a natural style. Can you apply for a formal event or party. Because of the makeup artist wear Italian, then we will write the steps.


  1.     Wear a foundation with the same color as your skin or a level brighter than the color of skin.
  2.     Flatten foundation with the help of a foundation brush, so the results are more even and natural cover facial blemishes.
  3.     If you have eye bags or dark eye circles, use concealer.
  4.     Apply eyeshadow base (cream or gel specifically to eyeshadow last longer) you can skip this step if you do not have it.
  5.     Apply brown eyeshadow to the entire eyelid.
  6.     With a clean brush, brush the top of the eyeshadow so that the boundary between the upper brown eyeshadow and more natural.
  7.     Give a black eyeliner on the lower eye should be. To make it easier you can use a brush.
  8.     With a clean brush, eyeliner brush outwards, giving the impression smokey.
  9.     Take a dark brown eyeshadow, brush on the outer corner of the eye outwards, thus creating a smokey effect.
  10.     Use white eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eye. Align to the center of the eye to blend evenly.
  11.     Bella has thick eyebrows, use an eyebrow pencil in a dark color so brows look fuller.
  12.     Use false eyelashes in half of the eye, the outer corner of the eye.
  13.     Use mascara on the eyelashes and false eyelashes.
  14.     Give eyeliner on the top line of the eye.
  15.     Do not forget to give mascara on the lower lashes.
  16.     Give eye bag concealer if necessary.
  17.     To impress matte, you can put the powder with the help of a brush.
  18.     Give shading on the cheeks to give the impression of thin, you can wear bronzer.
  19.     For the lips, use a red lipstick. Wear with a way of patting in the center of the lips and blend for a natural feel.


To further show that Bella has become a vampire, you can wear bright red soft lense before applying makeup. That’s will make you beautiful.

Done .. not hard, was it? The result is an expressive eye makeup but not excessive.

Good luck 🙂

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