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“Hula Hoop” Bag from Paris Fashion Week became Famous

“Hula Hoop” handbag, can you imagine that ? Yes, it came from Paris Fashion Week as cited by TrendVogue.net from dailymail. In Paris Fashion Week there are some famous Chanel show, it from Karl Lagerfeld who designed the exquisite “Hula hoop” bag. 

The Giant Hula Hoop bag has intended for use as a beach bag, with over-sized pearls, huge sunhat and three-tone accessories were running on the catwalk. It unlieved in front of stellar including Jennifer Lopez and her four-year daughter Emme.

Hula Hoop Handbag, Dailymail.

With this awesome bag, women will never have to complaint about not having enough space to place their equipment. It became famous in Paris Fashion Week.

In that Chanel, over-sized pearls, huge sunhat and three-tone accessories were also tune up the Cat Walk.

everything feels so over-sized, at Chanel Spring/Summer 13 in Paris. 

Chuncky Accessories in Grand Palais at the eco-friendly show.

A Classic Tweed Jacket and trademark Chanel pearls.














There were another shown from Paris Fashion Week on 8 October 2012.

Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week without Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld did not so disappoint

There were still major of High Class Fashion which running on the catwalk.

There were thigh-high dresses galore, some squined and glittering, running theme came up again and again.

The setting of the Grand Palais was look perfect for the show which followed.

Starry front row: Jennifer Lopez with her four-years old daughter Emme. Casper Smart, male model Baptiste Giabiconi and Kanye West were also check out the fashion.

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