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Kim Kardashian with Her Worst Dress

Kim Kardashian Fashion Fault

Kim Kardashian Fashion Fault – (c)

Kim Kardashian is often criticized for his performance in recent months. Kim has now finally admitted that there is one outfit that made her look very ugly.

Kim made the confession on his blog on Monday (10/15/2012) then. In the blog, she was 31 years old he wrote just became the victim of mistaken dress. Posts in the blog titled Fashion Faux Pas.

Kim Kardashian Fashion Faux Pas

Kim Kardashian Fashion Faux Pas

Kim either choose clothes that make her look ugly while undergoing filming reality shownya ‘Kourtney & Kim Take Miami’. He was wearing a yellow jacket and suede leather mini skirt. To complement her appearance, Kim wore gladiator stilettos from Jimmy Choo and Celine choker.

“Ok, ok, I put myself in the worst dressed list for this dress,” she wrote as quoted by Radar Online.

Recognized Kim, in fact he was only trying to add a little color in appearance. “My intention is good, but it looks like pieces (clothes) does not suit me. You should have been tall and skinny to wear a jacket,” he wrote again.

Kim Kardashian Worst Dress

Kim Kardashian Worst Dress

Kim wrote on her blog is fair if someone made a mistake while experimenting in terms of appearance. To find the best view, a person does have a lot to try, one and learn more.

“Mirror lie to me today! Where’s my sister or my boyfriend when I need an opinion?! LOL,” she wrote.

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