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Knit cap Trends Fall / Winter

Knit cap Trends Fall / Winter 2012

Knit cap or knit hat is one way to keep your head to keep warm, extreme weather in the fall and winter often makes us feel cold. Well, it’s time to take care of ourselves in order to stay warm but still pay attention to fashion. Knit hat is one of the most favorite accessory in winter 2012. Consider the various styles of knit caps here.

1. Henry Holland

Henry holland knit cap

Henry holland knit cap

One of the designers that offer a knit hat aalah Henry Holland. In the collection Spring / Summer 2013, the hat comes with luxurious stone that states glamor-grunge look.

2. Domed Skullcaps

domed skullcaps knit cap

domed skullcaps knit cap

cap are commonly called ‘beanie’ or ‘hats domed skullcaps’ is a proper finishing touch to enhance the appearance of boyfriend blazers and pants leopard is owned by the London fashionista.

3. kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart knit cap

Kristen Stewart knit cap

Sweetheart Robert Pattinson is often seen wearing a knit hat. Appearances ‘jerseys and jeans’ look cool Christian became a regular with the use of accessories made from knit or wool.

4. Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne knithat

Cara Delevingne knithat

Models are on the rise this proves that is not always knit hat should be worn during cold weather. How matching hat with sleeveless tops and jeans shorts when the weather is sunny.

5. Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham knithat trends 2012

Victoria Beckham knithat trends 2012

Besides Henry Holland, Victoria Beckham also featured in the collection of fashion knit hats Fall / Winter 2012. Victoria matching hat with overalls that hug the body.

6. Rihanna

Rihanna knithat style

Rihanna knithat style

Rihanna is a celebrity who is quite often wear head accessories. one of his favorite is patterned stripe knit hat with a solid match black, white and red.

7. Beyonce

Beyonce knithat style

Beyonce knithat style

Being a mother does not make sense in terms of lost Beyonce dress. Singer of ‘Best Thing I Never Had “was featured wearing a parka, leather pants and a black beanie. Very stylish!

8. Dior

Dior knitcap trends fall / winter 2012

Dior knitcap trends fall / winter 2012

Knit hat is not always synonymous with a casual appearance. Dior fashion house offering knit hat look more glamorous by blending together cut boxy jackets and pleated skirts.

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