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Knitwear trends for winter

Knitwear trends for winter 2012

Knitwear Fashion Trends 2012

Knitwear Fashion Trends 2012 – (c) Wild Fig Clothing


Previously we have discussed about knitting fever trends that favored young people today,with their Korean style you can still read for that at our last post Knitwear Fashion Trends with Korean Style. but in this post we will discuss about knitwear that we used to dress to warm our body in the winter of 2012. Certainly remain fashionable!

Egyptian state is not only famous as the oldest city in the world, but is also known as the center of world civilization in which the clothes are made using knitting techniques. Increasingly, knitting tradition evolved into the world and become a second job for women at that time.

Knitting Needle and Yarn

Knitting Needle and Yarn – (c) Yahoo

Before the 19th century, when it was still knitting using a simple technique, ie wool hook assisted with two sticks made by hand. And, be warm clothes, hat, vest, and baby clothes.

Growing world, there is a discovery of its industrial knitting machines in the 19th century. Knitted materials are well known in Europe. Then, begin the designers looked at the type of materials to fashion knitted winter sports.

The more famous is knit material around the world, especially countries that have winter. In the year 1920-1930 is a type of knit material that is booming, from sweaters, jackets, vest, cardigan, dress uniforms until the German army during World War II.

Entering the year 1950, began knitting garments made from a lot of changes, especially on the motive, design, and texture. On the use of wool there’s some kind of yarn that can be used to make knit fabric, such as cotton, polyester, and silk fibers, which are spun into yarn. This option makes the result to be very light.

Clothes that uses knitting for winter 2012 :


Knitwear Cardigans

Knitwear Cardigans – (c)knitrowan.com

Originally a knit jacket with long sleeves without a collar and buttons down the front. Name cardigan itself is given by Thomas Clock Brudnell (1797-1868) who was a war leader of the UK. In the year 1920-1930 popularize join Chanel designer cardigan as a superior combined with pants or a short skirt, and a Chanel icon to date.


Red Capuchon Little Girl

Red Capuchon Little Girl – (c)joanmary pinterest

A kind of jacket material fitted hats knitted skullcaps on the rim or collar.


Vest Knitwear

Vest Knitwear – (c)planetpurl.com

Sleeveless blouse with a low V models, this is usually used to insert a suit. Vest began polpuler in 1920.


Sweater Knitwear

Sweater Knitwear – (c)stylehive.com

Initially known as tennis and golf clothing in winter countries. Sweater absorbs sweat faster because of the type of yarn knitted cotton. In the years 1930-1950 sweaters began to grow, not only as warm clothing, but also as a complement to the pretty clothes.


Pullovers Skirts Long Sleeve

Pullovers Skirts Long Sleeve – worldlythingsnyc.com

Long sleeve sweater with no collar but is usually coupled fur accents on the steering collar. Pullover was originally used as uniforms for the army during World War I. Then, in 1920, this dress pattern began to change in neck circumference, ranging from round neck and V-neck.

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