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Meaning of Color Wedding Gown


Meaning of Wedding Dress Color

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Meaning of Color Wedding Gown

Nowadays and more wedding dress choice. Not just get to choose the model, but also choose the color. And every color of the wedding dress, represent certain meanings that are tailored to the expectations of the bride. As we reported from Vemale.com , Here are some dresses colors have meaning happy and can be a reference for you.

Pink wedding dress

Pink Wedding Dress

Pink Wedding Dress – weddinginspirasi.com













This color is said to be the favorite color of most women. Tenderness color as her personal representative a feminine and sweet. It turns pink dress meaningful about love and loyalty.

Red Wedding Dress

Red Wedding Dress

Red Wedding Dress – bestdressmall.com












In Chinese tradition, the color red means happiness. And it’s not unusual anymore when a wedding dress worn in modern times offer red. Wedding dress yourself in red represent passion and happiness.

Wedding Dress in Blue

Blue Wedding Dress

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As calm colors, blue wedding dresses represent a harmony and tranquility. Of course, in choosing a gown is advisable not choose dark blue. It would be better if the blue color selected from the color or soft pastel blue.

Green Wedding Dress

Green Wedding Dress

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Almost similar to the wedding dress is blue, the color green represents life and fertility. Colors can also be a choice of colors you want to go green theme in the wedding party. It is recommended to choose pastel colors and soft blue for a wedding gown, and memadukannnya with silver shoes or similar.

Bridal dresses in purple

Purple Wedding Dress

Purple Wedding Dress – marry2012.com













There is a skewed perception that the color purple is the color that represents the widows. When in fact the same purple as the color pink, representing women. Where the purple dresses to interpret a woman’s strength.

Wedding dress in yellow

Yellow Wedding Dress

Yellow Wedding Dress – weddingdresseszone.com













Joy may be seen from the color of yellow dress. But the truth behind this color save a warmth of friendship and closeness, and happiness that radiates from the joy of color. Choosing yellow color suggested lemon yellow, or soft yellow.

This colorful dress is often a viable alternative for women to match the wedding theme or help correct the appearance of the skin. In your opinion, which color best suited for your wedding party later?

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