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Oversized t-shirts? let’s create Cropped Tee!


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Have you ever had an oversized shirt? and would you use it? Should we wait for our body size increased to wear, something that is really absurd.

Shirt is comfortable to wear, but when greatness and does not know how to work around, not too fashionable, Ladies. Do not worry. Trendvogue will give you tips to make a cropped tee as our quoted from Vemale. From now on, gather your big t-shirts. Or shirts fathers, brothers or husbands that are not used but still good model. You could look so beautiful with oversized shirt. Here’s some tips to make your orversized shirt become amazing shirt.

Cropped Tee is the creation of cutting or cut shirts without having to sew. In fact, we would reduce a lot of parts. It’s how.

Girls! This is so easy to make and so 80’s look. You can make your oversized tshirt even shorter, and if you do wear a tighter piece underneath. Also on the bottom a skirt or a tight short!

Tools and Materials:

Oversized shirts that you want to crop


Crayon Sewing

Some Pin

Sewing machine



How to Make:

1. Prepare shirt, spread it wide. Drawing curved pattern on the collar and the bottom.

2. Scissors sections marked. Use a sharp pair of scissors to be more tidy cutting results.

3. Fold the ends of the two arms of boundary stitching, two or three times as much (or shorter if you wish) then attach a pin on the upper end and the lower end of the arm.

4. Sew the top end and the bottom end of the sleeves have been rolled up.

5. Cropped Tee is half finished. If you like the suburbs that are not sewn, you can directly use it. If you want suburban lebihr fire, turning the inside of the shirt to the outside.

6. Roll up the bottom of the shirt (the abdomen) and the top (base of the neck circumference) fold about 2 cm. Sewing section.

7. Once completed. strika cropped tee to spruce up the parts that had been stitched.

8. Cropped Tee is ready to use.

Easy is not it? Shown chic, relaxed style with a cropped tee and made your own. Guaranteed, many a glance at you wherever you go.

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