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Parka Trends for Winter / Fall

Parka Trends for Winter / Fall 2012

Parka is a convenient and pretty popular choice of outerwear for cool weathers. But for all its warmth it can look pretty shapeless at times.
For winter / fall 2012, the parka is a great choice other than to make you feel warm, parka can also be a distinct trend in the winter in 2012. One of the disadvantages parka is changing the shape of the body, may parka will hide your beautifull body curves, So in order to stay stylish while sporting this type of outerwear you might want to follow some tips.

Combine Parka with Belt

Parka with Belt Trend Winter

Parka with Belt Trend Winter – (c)millionlooks

Parka will hide your waist. But wearing a belt over it will define the waist line and create a new more proportioned silhouette. The key to pulling it off is to choose the right belt that will suit the style of an outfit and the color and texture of the parka. This parka is suitable for outdoor gear. you can mix it with outdoor gear for camping, hiking, etc.

Wear Parka with Slim pants or Pencil Skirts

Parka with Slim Pants Trend Winter / Fall

Parka with Slim Pants Trend Winter / Fall – (c)millionlooks

The baggy parkas can be balanced out with some slim pants and heeled shoes or boots. The parka pencil skirt with Burberry is also a great way to keep proportions in check and create a balanced silhouette. Plus the contrast between a casual parka and an elegant pencil skirt will create a nice dynamic in the look.
Slim pants will also maintain your body shape, it looks beautiful and you can still appear confident even use the parka.

Parka and High heels

Wear Parka with High Heels Trends Winter / Fall 2012

Wear Parka with High Heels Trends Winter / Fall 2012 – (c)millionlooks

Having short height might even make one look shorter and rounder in parkas. So opting for heels or platform shoes / boots can be a good solution for elongating legs and adding a couple of inches to one’s height.The shape of your legs will still look beautiful, even if you use the parka.

There are numerous ways of wearing parkas stylishly. The main thing is to watch out for proportions and keep them in check by balancing out the baggy upper part with slimmer bottoms. So any tips on using it appear trendy parka from trendvogue.net quoted milionlooks, have your  experiment with your winter clothing.

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