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Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Smokey Eyes Makeup like celebrity

Smokey Eyes Makeup like celebrity – (c) frmheadtotoe/youtube.com

Do you often see the Hollywood actress walked the red carpet with an expressive eye makeup? Eye makeup like smokey eyes frequently they used to give the effect of expressive without being excessive. Consider Kristen Stewart, Mila Kunis, Emma Stone, Angelina Jolie and others. They often appear with a beautiful smokey eyes. Here Smokey Eyes Makeup Ideas from Celebs.

Besides giving the impression of an expressive, smokey eyes suited to owners ‘eyes glaze‘ (like Kristen Stewart) to display a more captivating eyes. Want to learn how to make smokey eyes makeup? The video below you can make a guide. Yaşlı bayanların yaptığı seksi sevenler olgun porno videoları ile daha fazla 31 çekecek! liseli porno videolarında liseli kız ve erkekler yaşlı porno izleyenlerin aksine daha istekli sevişmektedir.


  •      If you do not like dark colors like blue eyeshadow tutorial, you can change the color brown.
  •      Be careful when applying eyeshadow, do not be too wide when applying dark colors.
  •      If you do not have a single eyeshadow pencil shape, you can wear regular eyeshadow.
  •      Because the eye makeup is expressive and talk, wear pink blush on pale matte (no shimmer).
  •      Choose a nude color lipstick so your face does not look over because the focus you’ll enjoy the eye makeup.
  •      The results of the exercise have not you? Try it the other day because practice makes perfect.
  •      Everyone has different eye shapes, look for smokey eyes that conforms to the shape of your eyes.

Smokey eyes makeup suitable to attend the official events, birthday parties, weddings and so on. Your eyes be more expressive and beautiful. happy smokey eyes !! 😀


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