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Thanksgiving Fashion Ideas 2012

Thanksgiving Fashion Ready To Wear

Thanksgiving Fashion Ready To Wear – (c)cardiganempire

Thanksgiving is near, it means holiday is coming soon! yes, thanksgiving day is always fun, besides we are thankful, there are so much food while thanksgiving. But let’s for a moment do not think about food, let’s think about what is the appropriate attire when thanksgiving holiday?

Absolutely not unpleasant if you get the wrong costume during thanksgiving holiday. So, we are here to help you give you some options that may be the inspiration you choose fashion for thanksgiving holiday, then your holiday becomes more fun and certainly still look fashionable!

Some of the clothes that remain suitable for use when thanksgiving, among others : Varsity Jacket, Cardigans, Leather Jacket, Denim Jacket, and Knitted sweater.

Varsity Jacket

Varsity Jacket Thanksgiving Fashion

Varsity Jacket Thanksgiving Fashion – (c)

Varsity jacket which show sporty¬†that will keep you look fashionable at the thanksgiving holiday. here’s our review about Varsity jacket trends.


Chunky Cardigan for Thanksgiving Day

Chunky Cardigan for Thanksgiving Day Р (c)designsbystephene

Cardigans are a kind of knitted wear with long sleeves and without a collar and buttons down the front. With Cardigans, you will look pretty natural when thanksgiving holiday. Of course cardigans will not interfere with your eating ceremony.

Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket Fashion Ideas

Leather Jacket Fashion Ideas – (c)TallGirl

Leather Jacket gives an edgy and chic look when paired with tees and skinny jeans. You will look more stylish with a Leather Jacket. Who says Leather Jacket is identical to masculine? For proof, you can still look feminine and fashionable with a leather jacket especially during the thanksgiving holiday.

Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket Thanksgiving Fashion

Denim Jacket Thanksgiving Fashion – (c)bloomingdales

Denim is perfect paired with anything, Denim Jacket. It is a trend for a long time, denim remains well be the right choice for you to use during the holidays thanksgiving, Denim can make you look beautiful or elegant, edgy or tough, it all depends on your combine. Try to show denim with an elegant, surely you will look more fashionable on thanksgiving day.

Knitted Sweater

Knitted Sweater Fashion Thanksgiving Ideas

Knitted Sweater Fashion Thanksgiving Ideas – (c)wholesaleclothingcn

Knitwear seems indeed to be a trend for the winter / fall 2012, as well as thanksgiving. Besides easy and simple, knitted sweaters can keep your body to stay warm, of course, still trendy. Knitted Sweater has several fashion styles, one of which is a korean style Knitwear. You can use it on the day of thanksgiving, will surely look elegant and still fashionable.

So, Which fashion ideas that you will use on the day of thanksgiving? I hope your Thanksgiving day more special! Happy Thanksgiving!

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