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Tips to Make Muscular Male Body and Sixpack

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As long as we know many men interpret masculinity with grooves muscles in the body. But for skinny men, pride event is difficult to achieve given the potential of the body away from the athletes posture. So there are some tips by Trendvogue.net which cited from Sporttales and Kompas Lifestyle may help you to build your own muscular body.

However, do not trigger a skinny guy discouraged because they can not have big muscles and posture. According to a fitness trainer and nutritionist, Ben Greenfield, thin man actually has an advantage because the body has a low fat content naturally. This is an advantage, given their muscles will look more interesting than the big muscles.

In order for skinny men look fuller and muscular, here are seven suggestions submitted Ben by his experience:

1. More often lift weights

To grow muscle, get used on a regular basis once a week weight training. However, muscles in thin people are more difficult to come up at first. Thin people requires 4 -6 times exercises to build muscle. You can get results faster if lifting weights twice a day. However, if you do then it takes a day to recover.

For men skinny posture, weight training can use a single session / period common to train chest and back on the first day. Day two continued lifting weights to train biceps and triceps, and legs and the center of the body on the third day. Then, one day later proceed beristirahatkan appropriate training sequence.

2. Need partner

Most skinny people can not lift heavy weights so that the long-established muscle. Therefore, they need a personal trainer or a friend work out at the gym that will help for muscle formation. For heavy loads, select a lighter with more frequent repetition. This method is more effective, than you select heavy weights and less repetition.

3. The combination of exercise

Suggested combinations of these exercises should not be misinterpreted. The point is, you still practice the same exercises every week for three to five weeks. However, you should use a different type of strategy as long as you intend to grow your muscles.

4. Eating meat

Meat is the muscle fibers rich in fat, protein and forming a hormone that will help grow your muscles faster. You also have to eat 500 – 1000 calories extra each day to increase your metabolism. Volume and high protein foods will increase testosterone. In addition to beef, on the other foods are eggs and seafood.

5. Amino Acid Consumption

Among the fans of bodybuilding and strength training, there are often consumed supplements or so-called “branched chain amino acids” (BCAAs). This supplement contains a protein that is easily absorbed by the muscles when lahihan. These supplements are inexpensive, readily available and well taken without causing any side effects on the stomach either before, during and after exercise. To build muscle, you can menngonsumsi supplements 10-20 grams were taken before exercise, and drink again every 60-90 minutes during exercise.

6. Eat more often

Frequent practice will burn carbohydrates in your body. Therefore, try to eat about 300-600 calories and carbohydrates two to three hours before exercise. Carbohydrate sources can be found in potatoes, sweet potatoes, outmeal, brown rice or other healthy sources.

If you eat other foods after exercise, make sure to eat a small amount because the muscles will quickly absorb the sugar after you finish training. Special thin man, did they have plenty to eat. They shall eat before practice and after practice until four to five additional food. It seems like a lot to eat, but it is necessary to form a skinny guy muscle.

7. Supplement

You did get the intake of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from the foods you eat. However, to keep your body in shape while you train to build muscle, then you need a supplement. Consumption of BCAAs probably already do, but there are other supplements that effectively help build muscle skinny guy. Supplements such as creatine, carnitine, Citulline, and Beta Alanine. Supplements are not intended as a substitute for force to be stronger or more frequent weightlifting. However, supplements can help improve target.

source: kompas / indonesia.

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