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Top 10 Royal Wedding Dresses


The Royal Wedding, there are top 10 royal wedding best dressed. There are so many luxury wedding by spending millions of dollars, but sometimes a dress that they use less fit and just looks like a waste of money. So here we conclude with some fancy wedding dress features charming

Here we rank the top 10 best dressed royal wedding :

1. Kate Middleton

Kate and William  marieclarie.co.uk

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress













With millions of viewers, and was named the most luxurious wedding of the century there must be pressure on the guests at the wedding of William and Kate. For that we choose the wedding of William and Kate with luxurious dress a winner in this case. This is the moment the world has been waiting for. And when a lot of talk about the dress Kate Middleton finally unveiled, creating a beautiful cascading did not disappoint. McQueen designer Sarah Burton requested to make a smooth dress Kate, who with acres of handmade lace and a flowing train, can step straight out of a fairytale. Earning himself the title of best dressed of the day and probably the year, can be a wonderful wedding day ensemble there will be more perfect?


2. Crown Princess Mette Marit

Mate Marit Royal Wedding – (multifarious79)

Matte Marit Royal Wedding Dress – (multifarious79)













The Quintessential Modern Royal Bride, Mette Marit’s wedding dress is perfect craftsmanship, few dresses has ever been this tailored. The neckline alone is a masterpiece, and yet to be surpassed. Another feature of this dress is how the dress flowed, it was like she was floating around on a cloud when she and Crown Prince Haakon entered the Royal Palace and the dress spread elegantly over the polished ballroom floor. The dress is almost painfully understated and oozes Scandinavian design sensibilities. A true masterpiece.

3. Princess Grace of Monaco 

Grace Kelly – (multifarious79.)

Grace Kelly Wedding Dress – (multifarious79.)












Grace Patricia Kelly, was an American actress who married Rainier III (Prince of Monaco) in April 1956,to become Princess consort of Monaco. At her Wedding there is no question that Catherine Duchess of Cambridge’s draws heavily on the design of Grace Kelly’s iconic wedding dress from 1956. The dress, with its trendsetting 50s bridal dress silhouette, first made popular by fellow MGM star Elizabeth Taylor’s first wedding dress, is an all time classic. Kelly and Taylor shared the same designer from MGM, Helen Rose.


 4. Princess Diana 

Princess Diana – (multifarious79)










Diana, Princess of Wales was the first wife of Charles(Prince of Wales) whom she married on 29 July 1981, and member of the British Royal Family. Love it or hate it, but it just doesn’t get any bigger than this. The grandeur of Diana’s trendsetting wedding dress from 1981 might never be excelled, the 25 foot train alone makes sure of that.

Pricess Diana Wedding Dress – (multifarious79)


Everything about this dress is big, but then again, the wedding is still the biggest royal wedding to date and as the wedding ceremony was held at the huge St. Paul Cathedral, the dress could not exactly be a small affair. The dress has not passed the test of time very well, though it was hugely popular in its time, it is as much a romantic dream as a cautionary tale.

5.Queen Sonja

Queen Sonja Wedding

Queen Sonja Royal Wedding Dress













60s Regal Wedding Dress, Queen Sonja of Norway is the wife of King Harald V of Norway. The 60s are not famous for big princess gowns, but this dress manages to be both contemporary and at the same time very much a regal dress. So the dress couldn’t be too exclusive or too youthful. A flawless dress, that would serve as an inspiration for Mette Marit’s masterpiece some 33 years later.

6. Princess Mary

Princess Mary Royal Wedding

Princess Mary Wedding Dress













Mary Elizabeth, is the wife of Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark. Frederik is the heir apparent to the throne of Denmark, which means that at the time Frederik inherits the throne, Mary will automatically assume the feminine form of his title and rank, becoming Queen consort of Denmark. If there was ever any doubt that a Tasmanian could become a princess, then this dress and its wearer silenced any doubters. It has a great combination of a classic silhouette and a flamboyant skirt. A lovely dress that fits Mary perfectly.

7. Crown Princess Victoria

Victoria and Edward VII









The Princess Victoria, also called “Toria”, was a member of the British Royal Family, the fourth child and second daughter of Edward VII, the younger sister of George V.

Victoria Wedding Dress












This dress has all the hallmarks of a dress can will stand the test of time. This is much due to the dress’ very strict and classic silhouette, and the dress is tailored to perfection. The most extravagant features are the crown (not a tiara) and the century old veil.

8. Princess Maxima

Princess Maxima and Willem-Alexander












Princess Máxima of the Netherlands is the wife of Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange, heir apparent to the throne of the Netherlands.

Princess Maxima Wedding Dress












This is yet another dress with strong classic lines and with throwbacks to the 60s and early 70s. The neckline and sleeves are vintage and adds some interesting details on a very traditional dress.

9. Princess Caroline of Monaco

Caroline Wedding












Caroline Louise Marguerite Grimald, Hereditary Princess of Monaco is the eldest daughter of Rainier III, Prince of Monaco and American actress Grace Kelly, and the elder sister of Albert II, Prince of Monaco, and Princess Stéphanie of Monaco. Caroline is the wife of Ernst August, Prince of Hanover, the head of the House of Hanover and pretender to the former throne of the Kingdom of Hanover, as well as senior male-line descendant of George III of the United Kingdom.

70’s Culture Wedding









70’s Haute Couture, You can almost feel the chic atmosphere of the jet set of the 70s when you see Princess Caroline’s Christian Dior dress from 1978.

10. Princess Anne

Anne Royal Wedding

Anne and Phillips












Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise, is the only daughter of Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. On Wednesday, 14 November 1973 (her brother Prince Charles’s 25th birthday), Princess Anne married Mark Phillips.
The Odd One, Princess Anne has never been a style icon, not that she ever aspired to it either. However, when this horse loving and down to earth princess was the first of the Queen’s children to marry, she surprised all with this nice dress. It’s very much dated by now, though the Tudor sleeves still are impressive.



source and image : multifarious79.wordpress.com

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