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Tutorial – Beautiful with Winged Eyeliner

Tutorial – Beautiful with Winged Eyeliner

Perfect Winged Eyeliner Tutorial How To

Perfect Winged Eyeliner Tutorial How To

Eyeliner is booming. The products are selling well in the market because it can make a person’s eyes look expressive. Simply wear eyeliner without eyeshadow, the eyes are sharp and beautiful. No wonder many women dong fell in love with the eyeliner.

There are many varieties of eyeliner that you can try, one of which is winged eyeliner or wing shape at the outer corner of the eye. Forms winged eyeliner will make your eyes wider, fresh and of course charming.

Yeah .. we know form the winged eyeliner is not as easy as it looks. But you can really learn to use it, so it does not need the help of the salon. The video below will teach you how to easily form a winged eyeliner.

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Tips and Tricks:

  1.      For starters, pull the outer corner of the eye with a long wing or wing eyeliner as you want. Then fill the center line of the eye, and then connect from the inside corner of the eye.
  2.      Usually you have to dab a few times to get the desired black color and fill in the blanks.
  3.      Tidy or messy eyeliner comes out with a cotton bud.
  4.      Winged eyeliner so that you remain a key focus, wear eyeshadow the same color as the skin.
  5.      Wear mascara so lashes flicks, if you like, you can wear false eyelashes.
  6.      You can wear a white eyeliner on the bottom line of the eye so that the eye brighter.

If the results of the first study ugly, do not despair and keep practicing. The more you practice, the better control of your hand to get a symmetrical winged eyeliner on the right and left eye.

keep practice 🙂

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