Vera Wang Wedding Gown

Vera Wang Beautiful Dream The Symbolism of red

Vera Wang Wedding Gown 2013

Vera Wang famous designer of Chinese immigrants in New York would love to experiment with changing the red color.

Vera Wang 2013 Red Bridal Wedding Gown
Vera Wang 2013 Red Bridal Wedding Gown

This time, the wedding collection by this designer include the whole palette of red, shades of berry baskets, ruby placers, and dahlias.

The design will enliven in 2013, entitled “Beautiful Dream. The Symbolism of red “contains a lot of black and red, wrapped bodice with tulle airy, with Dada bustiers, silk floral design, decorating the shoulders and neck, and a flowing pleated skirt.

Vera Wang Beautiful Dream The Symbolism of red
Vera Wang Beautiful Dream The Symbolism of red

The design of multi-layer fabric and the interaction of color and texture, unique light and air space were created, which has always been an integral part of the wedding dresses created by Vera Wang.

A portion of the collection includes traditional dresses are very feminine with a “tail” of the mermaid tulle and lace.

Not everyone at the color of passion, created by designers for the happiest day in your life.

Vera Wang creates a sensational style in your beautiful moments.

See the picture of Vera Wang Wedding Gown 2013 below.

Red Bridal Wedding Dress by Vera Wang Collection 2013
Red Bridal Wedding Dress by Vera Wang Collection 2013


Rubby Red Black Wedding Bridal Gown Collection by Vera Wang 2013
Rubby Red Black Wedding Bridal Gown Collection by Vera Wang 2013
Beautiful Wedding Bridal Gown Red and Black by Vera Wang 2013
Beautiful Wedding Bridal Gown Red and Black by Vera Wang 2013


Red Color Wedding Bridal Gown By Vera Wang Trends 2013
Red Color Wedding Bridal Gown By Vera Wang Trends 2013

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