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What Eye Circles Say to You

What Eye Circles say to you

Oh, no! There are dark circles under the eyes! But wait. Different colors, different apparently also the cause, Girls! Here it is 4 types of dark circles under the eyes.

About the dark circles under the eyes, turned out to have four different colors, you know! Not everything is caused by lack of sleep. There are other causes of aging, genetic thinning skin due to certain factors. Seraaam!

Bluish Dark Eye Circle

Bluish Dark Eye Circle


Lack of sleep, allergies, and stress. Well, here it is dark circles under the eyes are caused by lack of sleep. You only need enough sleep, too! Or it could be that this is taking allergy medication because of allergies. Other instant way? Conceal it with a concealer. Simple right!

Violet Ressish

The reddish color comes from the blood vessels and the skin surface depletion due to aging the aging later. Especially if you have fair skin. If this one try to use eye cream with retinol content in it yes. It can disguise the redness, you know!

Dark Shadowy

The lack of fluid around the eye area, so here’s the cause. FYI Girls, less fluid in the area under the eyes can also cause a sort of basin that looks shadowy. Not all dark circles under the eyes caused by discoloration that occurs in the area.

Brownish Black

It is derived from the genetic and hyperpigmentation due to excessive sun exposure. If that is commonly experienced by people who have skin that tends to be dark. That’s why, if you are traveling to the beach, please do not leave to wear a hat. This is useful to avoid direct contact with the sun’s face, especially the eyes, Girls! One more, eyeglasses are no less important for UV protection in it. Well, in addition to using the two items above, you can also use an eye cream that contains retinoids and antioxidants.

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